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This app allows the tracking of volleyball stats for up to 14 players at the same time with a simple tap of a button. The edit button allows you to easily correct mistakes. This app also shows you the statistics for each set and the total statistics for the match. You can create new matches, save matches, load matches, export the stats to email, and delete matches. Track the following stats: ATM: Service SA: Service Ace SE: Service Error K: Kill E: Error AT: Attack Attempted AST: Assist D: Dig DE: Dig Error ATM: Service Reception RE: Reception Error BHE: Ball Handling Error BS: Block Solo BA: Block Assist BE: Block Error This app was designed by a college volleyball coach who felt nothing existed that suited his purposes. Namely, simple, quick stat tracking with everything on one page. We imagine if he feels this way, others do too. We appreciate feedback and the app will improve because of it.


Seller: Wickeyware-LLC
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